wltrace.load_trace returns a iterator over Dot11Packet objects. The following attributes of Dot11Packet are available.

802.11 Attributes

  • type: int
  • subtype: int
  • Flags (boolean): to_ds, from_ds, more_frag, retry, power, more_data, protected, order
  • addr1, addr2, addr3, addr4: these are the MAC address in 11:22:33:aa:bb:cc format.
  • src: alias to addr2
  • dest: alias to addr1

Packet Trace Attributes

  • counter: an integer index of this packet in the trace, starts from 1.
  • ts, end_ts: Python datetime object representation the first and last bit of the packet.
  • epoch_ts, end_epoch_ts: POSIX timestamp (float) of the first and last bit of the packet.
  • hash: a hex digest of the MD5 hash of the packet raw bytes.

PHY Information

  • phy: a PhyInfo object containing various PHY layer information. See PHY Information for details.

Inferred Information

  • acked: boolean, whether this packet is acknowledged or not. Only valid for non-broadcast packets.
  • ack_pkt: reference of the acknowledged packet.