PHY InformationΒΆ

These attributes are available in the PhyInfo object.

  • signal: RSSI in dBm
  • noise: noise level in dBm
  • freq_mhz
  • has_fcs
  • fcs_error
  • epoch_ts, end_epoch_ts: POSIX timestamp of the first and last bit of the packet
  • rate: bit rate in Mbps
  • mcs: MCS index
  • len: length of the packet, not including any PHY header such as Radiotap header.
  • caplen: number of bytes actually captured.
  • mactime: MAC layer TSF count, 64 bit integer.
  • ampdu_ref: AMPDU reference number if this packet was sent in a AMPDU
  • last_ampdu: whether this packet was the last packet in the AMPDU.